Nine Year Process

And so it…

I didn’t know it at the time,

but August 2010 would begin

a long journey, Nine years

to be exact; five past

what I anticipated to earn

an Undergraduate degree.

It began in Morgantown,

West Virginia.

August 2010-May 2012



For now.

Drive safe,

Guys, I’ll be…

First Step

Timid, like an innocent deer

Creeping into the forest,

I turned away

And embraced the towers.

Lyon Tower

Four towers,

A thousand


A Playground.

Room 5608

It never was

the room. It was

our room, me

and Brandon.


The first


this is,

the beginning.


We go hard

without regard,

upon my return, who

knows how I’ll be.

8th Floor

Live on sixth floor,

Run up the eight.

Floor meeting,

Which floor?


Everywhere, around

me, of the north.

New York, PA,

Jersey; where’s VA?


Everything is new,





Down the stairs,

to the Rail,

up a hill.

Always running.


Ah, it’s early,

I could do this.

Want to do?

Or Should do?


Walk to Gym,

play sum games.

Take a walk,

in the halls.


Within a short walk

along the path,

hours of fun, play-n-talk;

together or alone, wrath

incurred, body n grade

took constant hits—made

memories yet question state

frantic calls coming, crazy mate.


In West VA,

hour Pittsburgh,

It’s West VA,

hour Baltimore.

WVU Room

Dorm Life

Up two floors,

Open a door,

Left, or Right,

Here are Friends.


Thousands of people,

Some painted in yellow,

Others Wearing Blue,

Mos’ Drunk. Are You?

Das Games

The games a-foot,

enjoy the show.

It may be cold,

dark, dreary, or snow.


Can’t in dorms,

So we depart,

At night—find

Distance from

all, cover with

A cigarette, we

Here as group,

With one intention

To get lifted, they

All laugh—new to

me, I’d get energy,

Being a fool—not

Knowing, and having

No experience being

clouded—foggy, so high.



Ah Monogahela–

a view-we sought.

To find cloud on hill

near casa President.

Other, I walked,

hand n hand.

Day or night,

to Wharf District.


We wake, feeling like death.

Makes sense after all—

look at last night.


Connected. Don’t

you know?

For last night,

I was intoxicated,

Now, I’m a No-Show.


I had this question,

Well questions really.

One loomed

Larger than the rest.

So, I walked and

Walked, and made

a call to big sis.

Her advice helped,

although still, I

couldn’t submit a Yes. to–

Was I happy?

This the spot for me?

I left those questions open,

Eventually, came to be.

First Winter

First semester over,

Now a break—

from the wild.

Only, no break

from oneself, well,

that’s just wonderful.

WVU Due 2


We visited, the

Kroger for food,

Sit at restaurant 

of choice—group

of four-five, we’d

All pile on a bus—

Headed downtown,

Find shooters, karma;

Somewhere that lets

Us in—and serves us.

Dance, drink, celebrate,

Live without cares,

Spend afterward,

Walking around the

Streets-food, maybe,

One of many spots

To serve us drunken,

yet, push too far,

And perhaps,

Spend another,

An evening sick

On the stairs, or

Passed out in

a bush, on street.


Twice. Two times–

I Can’t learn,

The first time.

Both times–

By the law—

Wrong. Morally

wrong though?


We must learn

From our actions.

The law orders.

So, I must pay.

First Spring

The New Semester,

a chance–to improve,

from the past–to learn,

grow and, enjoy—

Big East Basketball.

WVU Ball

Night Out

In a Tent

we stayed.

In the cold

we suffered.

For a game,

they played.

WVU Ball 2


Soon we adjust

to the new conditions.

Have faith and be open,

and realize here—

Nothing is Normal.


the transportation is so,

trust the buses, i don’t know

the rail today, can we go?

In the…

In the Dorms,

were among friends.

In the Rooms,

talked and lied around.

In the Halls,

played and danced.

In the Stairwell,

went to Adventures.

In the Elevators,

descended into masses.


Every time,

feared we’d be…

Loud n’ dramatic,

Surely we’ll be…

Alcohol and Drugs,

don’t want to be…

For all tha times,

only twice be…


Prior to West

Virginia, I had

No knowledge.

I had not yet



Months interest,

Friend zone I was,

Until night—drunken

Lead us—blurred,

Couldn’t exactly

State how it happen,

yet, with another’s

Approach to me,

She claimed, pushed

Her forward, now we

Together, innocent

And naive. Desires

now actively fulfill.

Unsure friendship

Now something more,

uneasy, onward-deeper.


My first taste of…

Before I have avoided…

A new facet, I have…

With all is there?



Older family—

Max’s, we’d

Visit, a place

Away from

Dorms, once



Fill one, two

Maybe, they’d

Laugh, I’d try

And fail to

Smoke blunt

To self, give


Me please, go

Away, as I sat

On their couch.


Concluded, as

the fall had begun.

With a concert,

this time, Drake.

WVU Girls


A year In,

I Credit,


To New Ideas,

Peoples, and Cultures,

Exposure I have

grown, learned.

Back to School

The district is home,

for Sophomore Year.

Down the Road from

Evansdale, here.


We have four.

Yet, we never

have enough.

Always people

here in the…


The Beast Gets Me

From A to B.

Trekking thrills,

these insane hills.


Summer tough,

Separated afar-

Visits twice, yet

Now we find our-

Selves back here.

Early days, a Big

Sean concert, I’d

Spend that night

At her new place,

Both us drunk—

Intention to fix us,

Back together, a

Certain pain, to

Hear—let’s be

Apart, unexpected

A foreshadowing

To come, our time

In the second year.

A rollercoaster our

Beginning—now we

Go higher—lower,

Leaving me in dis-

Array, in the dark

depart, unable to


I run away—home.


One-year a


In a four

man crew.

Next year,

not a clue.

Billy Madison

true to you.



You Will Wait.

Answer the Call.

Carry the Weight.

For What?

Something We

All Need.


What If My

Interests are Different?

What, should I Do?

Do I Utter a word?

Or Do as they Do?

What Shall I Do?

Do Whats You,

Never told, or,

Unsure of What.


The Streets

Here are…

Some people’s

Minds are…

Why Not

Build Wider?


In the Group

I am Me.

In the Group

I am one.

But From

The Group?

WVU Group 1


The group represents:

Yankee fans. Mets,

Steelers, and Jets.

Titans, and Eagles.

From VA, PA, or MA,

We Are All…


We frequented

the gym, by car.

The courts down

The hill, not far.

At times, behind

the Lib, if a’star.

For me return home,

the Tower, by Far.


We’d go out

as a group,

to the bars,

A party,

Or to a friend.

I’d go with her,

To the clubs,

Or her sisters,

No matter the


There’s a…


Each week

A Game, an event.

Sometimes twice,

Attention spent—


It is sad to Me

You no longer be.

For you tha key.

And the way it should be.

Each night–much to see.

Always conflict often a Tee.

Know you gone, still in me.

oh how I miss the B.E.


Oh how I

member this.

You so loud–

sorry to diss.

My intention–

was to miss.

I knew not–

expectin’ a kiss.

Instead you’d

provide a hiss.

I conjure up—

the abyss.


I didn’t trust


I didn’t trust


They’d say,

No go.

Yet Try till


Up so–I Learn.

With me till

this Day.

Beware who ya

with and ask,

Till the

Dying Day?


Exam week…

Spring semester…

Time at WVU…

Life Optimism…



Four semesters…

Two Years of…

Now I am

In a state of…

Learn in time,

grow most from…


Return to Dayton,

to my parents—

childhood home.

Clear regression.

Now, to reside— 

outside comfort. 

June 2012-May 2014


Back home, I

Know this feeling

harboring within,

crippling. I Failed.


I don’t remember much

Or don’t like to. What

have I done, or not do?

It’s like a Disconnect.


To start, admit defeat.

The familiar, my friend

or foe, comfort helps?

But what’s the goal?


Distractions, I tried

Reflecting, I’m tired.

So many nights,

clouded, in a room.


A Loose Quarter,

A Lost Man. Both

Searching Outward,

What Can’t Be Found


At the dinner table,

A family affair-me.

What’s your plan?

What will you do?

We can help, but

You gotta move.

New Steps

Now I move,



Blue Ridge.


It Continues,

Albeit Slow.

Pay off-rent,

For place afar.

Why I sign, to

Commit WV.

What is best,

Sure don’t know.


Here there three,

Not concern me.

I work and be,

Don’t concern he.



Everyday I play,

Oh how I love 2k.

Take me away,

At home its bae.

At work I say,

Myself, till May.

Alone and OK,

Oh how I love 2k.


We must say,

There was times,

That your play,

Gave not chimes,

But cries of pay,

From wretched mimes.


Many nights went not far,

cram tight, but party hard.

Devon Lane, streets away;

spot come weekend time.

One night came to find,

disaster, see one friend,

two-laid out on concrete,

come to aid, three-me.

I was the main target,

kneeling aside, I lyed.


Change has come,

Down the street,

Friends with me,

Here, we’re home.


Strange feeling,

Really, revert

to times past.

To HS days,

Football in lot,

Games in group,

Better than solo,

yet, am I…?


Lost in a cloud,

Lost in a cloud,

I can’t talk right now,

I’m lost in a cloud.


Didn’t think bout it

For us always—the same

who has gas, registration-fit?

License expired? Arrives behind…


We people

Of Ritual.

Every act

Of Ritual.

Have comfort

In our Ritual.

Don’t do much

In our Ritual.


Sense missing


Find anew


Past: family

And friends

Jobs ads-




the unfamiliar,


the uncomfortable.



Not at all,

Day or

Night, I






staring at




He was unique,

Far different

from the crowd.

An influence strong,

Encounter together.

A mentor, and a

Dear friend.

Struck a chord,

Rung Loud-True.


We did e’thing

Together-our time.

Before work,

During, after.

Gave me solace,


All have journey,

No one path, all ours.


No longer the front

That’s right I’m free,

Those bloody calls,

Neva let me be.


Come with me,


We can be,


What we see,



went south

with family.

time away

from home

n friends


tiring it be.

To Nonna,


Life away-

look at me.


Trekked snow,

Braved the bitter.

Ran the hills, all

for Apple Fritter.



You’s a guest,

That’s on me.

Please, check

Yourself, see.

Him living room,

Loud as he be.


Do I try again?

Are you for me?

Been a-while,

A date, let’s see.

Two more-kiss,

Park-be mine.


up at work,

Ronald gone.


To go—took

Sherri, bring

Me back, now.



Away, change.



Calls me to






And try—


they older,

joking, carefree.

Intimidate, yet,

helped me—

Behind line,

Now I be.


Oh, to close

these my woes.

Not wish on foes,

Up, nobody knows.

So tired, feel my toes.

Looking, aim not hoes,

Clock, next am—Lowes.


Don’t ask me bout’

Working with family.

Can’t tell ya, how

Or why we are.


Jobs now,

Three in fact.

Got jobs, to

Pay the bills.

The week, work

At Rocktown.

Then, head to



Catch Ya in

parking lot.

Tiring work.


I Cook Now,

Don’t Ya Know?

No longer Serve,

Don’t Ya Know.

I’m still Learning.

Busy, Gotta-Go.


Feels like

Neva enough

Living rooms-

Each floor,

yet, dog

Up to two

Too much

time spent

In close-

knit place.


Smoke, game,

girls, n drank





Other three-

Look presently

at our daily…



Chances-to lessen

Old entrenchment

Utilize prior lesson,

Learn-face anew

Difficulty, living past

In present, desire

Bettering myself—

Environment, new.

June 2014-May 2016


Summer brings change.

First—home, they leave.

Stay, to experience again,

The home,—Now Unknown.



Started, months

ago, now here—

warned me,

They get bored.

Now, thoughts—

Self-fulfilling, or

Is innocence





Now I lye,

Thinkin’. Who

Am I? Don’t

Think Much.


She was direct

I—leanin out


Other—new bout

Late at Night

The Kitchen Closes,

I Make My Meal,

We Consume it,

And Each Other.


Confided, it

works(ed) for


Athletes, to

Compete, and


Aside, the body(s)

seek away-sleep

Alone, but one


Clear indicator,

Screams n cries.


Field trip, me—

Beside myself,

what, why, now?

People sleeping.

Became evident,

Only pleasure here,

good, but enough?


What Can I say?

Lets go, our own way

I’m weird, you too,

But in an opposite way.


I’m back on camp—

us, Blue Ridge—be exact

Three classes—a lamp

On life—education, fact.

Way to improvement—a ramp

To future—maintain pact

to self n fam, ignore cramp

Of life, each day—past sack.

Now anew, continue–champ.



Math, yikes—Statistics

University inquiry-required

Easy integration back 


Always done, neva thought

Respect—dont mess. You taught

Shoes out—room, idea brought

Cultures different. Barrier? nought


I start a new,

I choose you.

Before, I knew,

Interest is true.


Twas going well,

Til I made a…

I shoulda known,

Texting a…

Can’t explain,

Humor, clear …

Got my plastic,

Neva resolved…


Now I face,

Harsh reality.

Haven’t been

without female

company aside

me-in months.

One to another

Over the months.

Jumping freely;

Sam to Rachel,

Sarah, now Me!


Strange thing,

Bout a loss,


Reflection of

What we do,

have and are.

Results, good,

Bad, Necessary.


When coming

To tha Dos,

Leav’ tha worries

Behind yous.

Prepare for fun,

Looks and work

For sum money.


Deli cook,

I am—a

Knife, stove

Top, and the

Fryer, are all

For me. It be

8am to open,

or 1230 close,

Long daze—

At times-high,

Hope I get the

Order right; a

Turkey Trot,

Annie Oakley,

So many types,

And BYO—some

times, tough to tell

Mesquite or not, yet

the kitchen provides;

company, food, pay—

Most importantly, a



50, or 5, me—

They call, lift

Or push. May-

be, a dryer,

A frig, or 


Know other,

Carts needed,

Man for job,

Out in the lot

I will retrieve.

With Jed, or


Trek parking 

To bring them

Back, sun hits

Yet, pay 9.75. 



Each day—options not vast

Company, activity, da past

Product Environment—JMU

Opportunity, diversity; few

Port Republic


Driving up,

Then down.


Walking, or

Running up,

Then down.

Watch whether,

Traffic, or no.

Wretched hill,

Impatience, go?


Invited to a party,


Invited to stay a night,

Interest, drunk-prolong.


memories in mind

together, clips stuck,

songs too. smiles of kind

innocence, joy—tuck

under covers, music for cover

discovering each—a lover


History again, European

Business law, random I know

Working—Rocktown though

Since Rocktown, I’m keen

Failed Computer Science, class

Disaster, now summa to pass.



Drives, no-school

He brings—may

Offer aid—fool


Typed up

letter, then

hand, walked

out door.


Oh, professor let me try

Know what you speak—by

“She was in a car accident,

Her cell phone battery died,

Knocked on the door—shotgun,

Somebody daughter dead.”

Crazy extent—they (we) die.

From a song—Crooked I.


We was in class,

me probably high

instructor talkin, then

sounds familiar; this

story he speaks of

a young girl, shot

on the porch—knockn

for help, i know but

where? Crooked I.

“I’d rather weigh in

on Renisha McBride.”

I recall and repeat;

two things to note—

power of music, teach

In rap; but greater—

laws in this country.


Rare, since West

Virginia, to say,

I have a friend

Group. JMU.

Met at Dos.

Mak’n plans.



Go to the lib

Conjure at base

Drink, lye, or work

Time spent—company


City Beach,

or PCB.

Spring Break

In Florida.

5-Guys, 6-Ladies

What Could




Were tested,

Others forged.


Alcohol, and



Walked up on—posed a question.

What’s the desire, your driver?

Fame, Money, happiness; me;

without thought—Purpose.


it took a kiss

to make me

see that I

only wanted

one to kiss.


Drank and Danced.

Played Drunk Football.

Drank and Talked.

Played Drunk Youth.


Wake early—sleep late. Days of exhaustion


No doubt,

I desired it,

We each,

Sought it.


Unnecessary—call me old

Fashioned, answer positive

Assurance together—hold

a title, keep on; get n give


New Car—old

Buick not trusty

Now Focus—told

Buick unsafe—rusty


Oh made him mad

Such inconvenience

fault—mine, without

thought—of phone

I choose smoke 



Drive to Columbus

We shoulda flew


Mad feel blue


The trip, me—defect

Eight hours now—unexpect

Rare chance, talk—connect

Roots—shared reflect

Discuss nature—correct

Issue—us, subject

Our past, select

Understanding, project


First time in ohio,

a pretty campus—city,

such friendly people.

 Julia to be here. PH.D

coming, on her way.


Summer has begun a period of change.

If natural and necessary, don’t resist.

Certainly needed, no longer lost in

A cloud, I must take me on—

Be open, active, and enjoy,

For it is what Life is made of.


Com—science done,

Mistake repaired

Lesson no fun,

Spring shoulda cared


Been thinkin

Past n future




What an idea-grand;

bikin the city, tanned

By sun; forever this land;

Credit—changed by hand

Of two men, monuments to brand

Deal and Dream—for USA, a strand

Of people, ideas—country banned

Humanity, recognize then stand;

for rights, equal for all, fanned

to shores, power—divinity in hand


For the first time in my life,

I contemplate my future; me.

End of BRCC on the horizon;

departure, where am I headed?


Final year here

At Blue U

Wont shedda tear

Requiring shoe

To ground

Can’t repeat


Self-pain, defeat

Overcome n balance

Tasks—work n school

Pair-save allowance

Future use-now’a fool

But elevate—now-bum

In bio, Eng, Stat n psych

Tough, push upward–hum

Ladder in life, mountin’—hike


Hunters—Camden Townes

People left, players change

Regardless, same Sounds

Of ball bouncing—range



It may not appear at the time,

Change is necessary, even if difficult,

Time, the right attitude, and willingness,

Improve oneself, will press you forward.


Ride back—tears

Of Self alone—fears


Back on this—cheers


Block out world, reside in room

Busy life but decision loom

On mind, was I right—gloom

Netflix binge, Gotham—BOOM


I was down,


Needa lift—

bought’a gift,

for myself,



Heard name

Familiar fame

Power came

Rome aim

Emperor, tame

Reason, shame

Commodo, lame

Son, him game

You the flame

Of man—claim


Mind all—reclaim




Three books, three men

Thoughts, letters, ideals.

First; Meditation, reading

Again and again, highlight

What he mean, then Letters

Reflection with Seneca, his clear

Wise, advice, guidance for task

Of life each day, like a banquet

Act according to Nature, be true.

Next Epictetus, Enchiridion be,

Short-sweet; simple-Philosophy.


Months in, and it seems like

Forever, Macados life, is 

All-Encompassing, but,

—Months left, until A Move.


Kitchen duties shared

After work, impaired

Together we dared

to pursue, paired

w/ roomies, stared

At them, interests aired

behind line—neva scared.


Up for change

Chance to lead

Integrate software

Train employees


The house, simi video game-smoke-sports, zach w cailey and game, tyler stay on game


the team neva was

their leader neva was

clouded, remained sided

costly–lacking, silent


Final semester then I go

From here—new, doe

In tha unfamiliar—grow

Phil, Eng, Geo, gym: know








Each week

A game—seek


As team—sneak

By some—bleak

Gainst others—freak

games, outscored streak,

Times only 5, wreak


Been months; twenty-five.

Times tough, rush—panic

Conflict at any moment, outside

Or in the kitchen. Joy—memories

Employment, friend-groups, three-times

Change, first trio—Co-ed with Douce—

Kitchen guys—Macados early mornings

And late nights, introduce, experience

Seek and find; grow through trials

Of low and high, slow and GO—

Relationships, lessons—a plenty.

As server seven; breaking point

Dismal, change roles—you know…

Struggle until that right system


Not ready, step up for me—

See Professor in class

Then on court he be

Playin post then pass

My work—I hope glass


The value of a teacher

With a personality; pair

knowledge and aim

good, instructor of me.


He’d arrive, adjacent to the highway

We’d remain, for mere moments, prepare

For class; thinkers, open—ethical philosophy

Morals,–learnt one thing—Religion is my Phil


True comrades;

Zack and Zach,

Carlos, Adan,

JD all—kin;

working together

the gleam of time,

at Dos, morning—

night, work or not

get the theme.

Tight-knit, determine

make work fun—shine

hidden in kitchen—Beam.


The final two months.

Soon, graduation,

Two weeks n say

Goodbyes to

Parties, people

Strange for many

Departin known

Why, to explore

Self-idea, try


What to say, she first called—bae

Cute, energetic, fun to squeeze;

tough to leave, to the fray


Before class, self-defense

We’d play ball—tense

Competition, instructor play

Strong jail guard, mats pay


Always someone, in chair or couch

Game, tv; clouded as we often are.

Porch doesn’t smell as good, irritating 

times, but on arrival—greeting could be

Zach, Cailey, upstairs wanna smoke

Court from view, my window or that

balcony; Three generations, me—

same room, set to my liking—now…


Decline to walk

Receive in mail


My people—hail



three years ago, I first sign

switch room—mates, many time

repaint, repair, remove; now resign

from residence—growth, my climb


Here I prepare

Nearing departure

D.C. Help, unaware

Yet insight—marcher

cross union, compare

assistance two—archer

bow, me arrow—midair


Nerves rattlin,

Doubts; battlin

the Fears—anxiety

of encountering society

Different than I know–

Foreign; alone to grow



Arriving back to Dayton,

the beginning of August; I still felt stuck

in trying to hold on to a summer of travel.

Little thought initially went into a move

to Richmond, and the necessary preparations for

attending Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU).

Soon, I’d be forced to adjust. The next year,

I’d reside in Churchill; grew up at Princess Anne Ave.

August 2016-July 2017


Return to Virginia, off traveler’s high,

Unprepared, and unset, begin step.

Without a true notion of self.

Knowledge will guide.


After four years in same city—community,

Finally again living in a new home—city.

New is good, not easy, but worthwhile;

Right mentality; Fresh Start, New Me.


Couldn’t do it

without you two

and the truck,

next adventure. 

Jefferson Park

Rooms-3, a kitchen n’a bath.

Three of us, two of them.

What to do? This is new.

Yet out the door, My View.



Light shinin’ thru glass-wooden French doors,

Squeaky noises on old, beaten up steps.

Get accustom for–We are tied together,

There’ll be ups n downs, we Know that


Agitating, Baffling, Cramped, Defiant, Embarrassing, ****ed, Ghastly, Hazardous, Inefficient, Jumbled, Klutzy, Lamentable, Maddening, Nauseating, Objectionable, Questionable, Ridiculous, Sad, Terrible, Unnerving, Vindictive, Wearing, Xcruciating, Yetta-kitchen, thus Zappy? Preppin in kitchen.



Each day a ride, down Mosby, across Le Bridge,

Thru Downtown—route, third Street. Second,

First, then Campus Not a far bike ride, two miles 

or so, the weather gets ya, Rain, Sleet, Shine, or Snow.

Dark o Day; prepared or not, ride must go.


Two days before class began,

We picked out the classes.

Didn’t have a clue, on what to do.

Italian, Jewish History, Psych, n–

African American Lit. Not sure why

but knew must do. Learn-Learn-Learn.


One way or two?

Good luck, finding

a spot. Oh, home

away, from Home.




Or at tha crib,

Plenty of room.




Wake up early

Or wait for bath

Tough only having

One, two ladies too.

Times just go then

Use them there, early

Trips, out-door views

N bussel of city, arrive

campus; bike. Lib—gym.


Can’t go home, don’t have time.

Often pack, but must use D-Hall,

A sham(e), swiping for TRASH.


Livin off—


Easy be dis-


Why I—


VCU Game,

Wiz Practice,

Broad St Mile,

Italian Festival,

Org. meetins’,

Rva Events,


Nothing too far,

Or inconvenient,

With my Bike.


I’ve Not felt this way before,

Shear-emotional exhaustion.

Learning is difficult, when its

Content is De-humanization,

Enslavement, Genocide,

Murder n Segregation.


Red Summer

Georgia Trees





Beginning of a Club,

as the name implies,

Cook—Breakfast Club.

Prepare at the club.

Pratica una volta, poi mai.


Spinge a me Avanti—to SWS

We meet—discuss and prep Japan

Globe n ASB—advice much needed

Editing, guidance on this path.



Take ya pick—Spot n View

Adams Morgan provide

We here—they there, new

Casa Padre, senza divide

Role or System

“Just know matter who you are,

The right system, can turn a role

Player, into a superstar.”

Joe Budden, concert, My City.


Listened years

Podcast aids

Time alone

Music mood



We’d ride round the city.

Times to shoot—photo,

Others—more work in mind.

Always an adventure, just

The people, indeed, we’d

Do what we’d do, sustain

and let the good times roll.


So fortunate—am I,

Three classes blow me away.

Learning—expands, connects,

Italians, Jews, African Americans.

There, perhaps, be a connection?


Took a paper from Blue U. Some paper

Didn’t do much, neva thought or cared to.

That paper and topic is back,

Our select, and now preparation,

School of World Studies Presentation. 


Nervous: the usual,

Stomach queasy, Palms sweaty.

Legs shaked behind that podium,

Entire time on Population Decline.


Paper done, questions now to

Walk about; go ahead—you,

Well, I saw, I think its who.

Went for near hour-it truly flew.

Learn somethin’ already knew,

Approach, the speeches: two.

One recited, second-is true.


Davvero quest’uomo

At the commons, stunned

Feeling in the building—Trump

Our next leader of US


Now I work alongside Douce, as a return agent.

Not the best job, but not too tough. We have down Time.

It can get cold, which is reason we Require,

a car to sit in, then Detach from garage.


What a title,

An environment,


Mostly our age, over-

Worked, and bitter.

We in’a garage—

Not the airport.

Know how clients be.

Givin’ no respect to me.

Douce n I smile—we

No care-know and see,

None of this matters!


Thursday, Friday,

And Saturday. 3-11

I’ll be here for…

9.25 an hour.


Member this date,

Or events-key,

As of late:

Globe & ASB.


Discovered just in—

Time, finals ya know.

Strength n friend, kin—

Ship in songs—Show.


Four Classes, Four Doctors,

Attesting OUR Diversity and …


Pr. Weinfeld—

Led me to the room,

Pr. Conrad—

Turned on the lights,

Doctor Jones—

Torn down the walls.

Deans List

Now an accomplishment

Prior mai—sopra two-seven

Clicking perhaps—interest bent

growth toward above—heaven


They here for a work conference. A chance

to see them—strange, not so long ago, 

my family, coworkers, and social group.

Now I’m in Richmond, looking forward.


Family is supportive,

challenging, understanding,

dismissive, insightful,

relators of this whole

experience, contributors.



Waited entire semester,

Sat in class,times starred,

Mostly, just listening;

Impressed, Interested.

Finally, courage comes,

Last class; she said yes.

Coffee, conversation,

Chemistry, connection.

Two days-two dates,


Still, never moved,



Trouble each night

Consumed by lei

Miserable, senza light

Family helps but hey

Soon will see bright

And forget—like shay

New Year

I have plans, well-

My normal plans,

Join-in, come along,

903, party, biked?


back to princess anne,

campus dead-for now.

Class-poli Euro Govt,

quick, interest, boring.

blink twice—over. Too

fast for me, I gotta b.


Did it right—may been comin

Tough for both, Douce n I

Now w/o company—bummin

Around work, alone now, shy?


Women around the states

March inspires, shapes

Mood of the time, me

Uplifted with travel return

Fascinating stories, strength

Smiles on faces n mine


Felt a bow, temper flare

Loss of control, sprint

At him, run him over

In a basketball game

Turned skirmish—with

Us two, brother for him

Came to aid, now three

Realize, the fault is me

dust-up, play on, continue

Game over then apologize

Regret continue, sorrow

Loss of control, loss of me


New semester, classes—fresh start

with studi del world; past n present

history, the study of it and of the jew 2,

globe 101—Italian step two, along with 

class with Dr. Richman, Global ethics

n world religions, interessante; certainly

new, to me—which is true of all topics

Learnin non solo in classe, often

everywhere n whoever, can teach

me—something prior never knew.


In a society now—of honor

Confidence pushing further

Globe, ASB, ideas, pride


We’d go down broad, southside

Or west; for the drive—time well

Spent, assimilating, associating

City, through aid of one—friend,

We in this car; shotgun blaring

dancing, talk, all him—focus for me

learn—familiarize, become one.


Took me to NOLA,

Listened to Some Stories!

March taught me in D.C.,

Write Too Many Tragedies!



This sounds slight but

Twelve stuck in a van;

little room. I’d awake-

Several times in those

seventeen hours, child

like-terror arises, every

fiber screaming out—

reminiscent of childhood.

Cries to Cry out-pull over

stop-breathe. Adult now,

strangers here-can’t!



The drive is long through the…

Aside, Florida; mai went this…

Strange, Bama, Miss in the…

Then there’s Nawleans this…


We must explore

Heard long—folklore

Of Mardi Gras

Terrace senza…

Few items must do

Beignets, who knew?


Questioned at times;

volunteers, or—rather

Photo ops, video mimes

Entertaining to do; lather

up post work, heat n grind

labor enjoyed, not all true

Commonality gain; share mind

learn-Juan put baby powder shoe.



Reflection—late each night

Talked, learned, follow

Person each day—a bright

Insight—compliments Apollo.

Stories hurt—seems light

Attacked by people-hollow,

Open-up Grow–tight.


A week spent

At banks, a farm

For horses—bent

On help—fixin some harm,

Natural disasters spent

Effort here—much charm

Nola 8


Two sides to the city; culture, people

Come for party, turn-up; mardi gras.

Poi too many, hungry for-more; of life

Harsh, beat down—conditions; the system,

Polarity: ninth ward—Jackson square, Quarter

French, Creole; jazz, southern hub. Many facets.


Return—friends, during reflection explained.

No betta now—six days later, same van n me.

Turn to Chase; calm, serene; see what I lack—

listen to Luther n Marvin; to her—I save face


Look at the group


People together-hoop.

Walk Away

Been two months since Douce gone,

saw no connection with them.

Without thought I walked in,

handed letter, then walked out.


Four floors, four hundred years.

Progression, Oppression, Depression.

1619 began an intertwining of cultures,

A terrifying system of injustice,

And yet began the creation of a country.

African American Museum—American history.



Emmitt Till, Frederick Douglass,

Harriet Jacobs, and Rosa Parks.

Separated by generations, ground-

Breaking advances, forcibly bonded.


Admit it we don’t teach

Perhaps listen—watch

culture—life a beach

Fo’sum—a splotch

on Merica n tale—breach

Of doc—they prove notch

On rope set–fire—bleach

Mind, Truth; past—scotch


Another here; to DC

Tickets given, opportunity

Aplenty here, at Globe

Connections, proximity

Interests, similar shared

In classrooms, hallways,

Vans, or on the streets.


From Langston, James, Ida;

Of Love—is progress,

Hate; our fate, past too.

Les we listenin, recall with

Remorse, contemplate a life

Kill or be Killed, David knew

Wrote out on Jefferson—Notes

All the narrative; less we Change

And be that we seek; President

An example, many past views

Silenced, oppress—continues US.


Three of us,

Struggled as one,

Celebrated, ventured,

Drank too. Cha-Cha’s

All too often, sometimes

Kabana, always entertainment.


funny, I know, but before

you Notre Dame, unfamiliar

taken some time, better now.

must thank you, be direct.


Countless hours, early mornings this spring

Apparently led to gain indeed, compliment

Aplenty, earned in three—two proclaimed king

Of gym, strength is key. Cardio—time not lent.


The topic in question,

Keep or disband the UN.

Nia and I for, and…

The UN provides global—

Food aid, refugee aid,

Disease resistance,

Disaster relief,

N more, so the

Debate—not disband,

But to Reform and Improve.

Knees shake, won—UN dai!



Asked and received

An invite to come along

Continuation of ASB, the

Formal of DEM; medical

Frat. Pre-game, outlier felt

Strange, drank it through.

That came later at Broad-

Berry. In the bathroom,

Sick—but that walk home

again, in a side street—

No one saw, luckily; don’t

Need a third—of age now;

So why this night? Made to

Douce’s, got my bike; yikes.

Many a’nights ridden in quest-

ion; but this here—I don’t know.


Thanks to John,

I found out—give a try.

Try anew, improve

My writing-no longer shy.


Must thank Professor,

His assistance got me here.

Yet, second round don’matter,

Rejection is thus, no need a tear.


Don’t get these

Where I’m from

Nor the connection

He’s guided along

Path, here cuz of…


Spur—out of the blue.

Walk the streets—new

countries, travels to-do,

DC Euro-embassies—woo.

Dad n I about then who

Tracy in time for Bulgaria.

Capitol Trail

A day, a task, a feat: to last.

First must acknowledge great aid,

Flat tire, a replacement—now past.

Keep going-avanti, thru woods, trail laid.

 To Charles City, relief from the sun—cast

Such beams, drink up, eat—body has paid

Price of activity, exhaustion, struggle vast,

With bike seats—so very loose, made

riding a challenge. Forward, led, pace—fast.



Made it one way. Made it two.

Proud feat, piu importante—

memory for us, we share forever,

together. Recall, “We took some L’s

during the 2-day 130 mile bike ride,”

Thanks to all, makes world go round.



Three to D.C.

They know well

Adams Morgan

Champ—I know well


Each day impressed

How you do—schedule

Change, nap more—day

Light don’t take in—fuel.

Las a month. Each year—

Watch inside, sometimes ball

Sit wait hours, till sundown

First water; then integrate—out

the day—we three, two would view

Episodes, in anticipation—new to come,

Of war for throne—senseless summa

Six seasons would know, hbogo; prep

fall, good company—talks, jokes—GOT.


We walked about

Tour or so, played

Photographers, fools

Together, took ad-

Vantage rooftop

View corn roasted


see it more n more

Life in the city

get the appeal, sure

worth acceptin shitty?


Word is back,

Thou really email,

The scholarships-

applied, one success.


Can’t be sad or mad

To leave this place

Kitchin, plumbin—old

Historic buildin—case


We are outnumbered forty to one

What an experience even with bus

Look at us ready for D.C. yet shun

house, them don’t matter can’t cuss

leader of theirs, sets perspective, done


I’m with eight students—guys

All sweet, felt different being

Actor between this land we walk

And the people that I walk with.

We visit museums: American history, art

n gallery, air n space We walked about:

National mall, white house, trump hotel


Almost missed our bus, we got pizza,

good day—good group, funny, us here

together, again a lesson, difference none.



Whether me close,

Leondra going far,

Douce goes north,

Everyone goin’ thru it.

Happy to move out of

Princess Anne, and within

walking distance of class;

accepted the dorm life—

reverting back seven years.

At twenty-four years old—

weird to say the least; yet,

the opportunity to live on-

campus and the option to 

void the contract due too.

August 2017-December 2017


In twenty-four hours,

With the help of two,

I moved out of Churchill,

And closer to my U.


Dorms move-in

Aim only for Months.

Uncertain with Anxiety

Lasted four Months.


proved Tricky,

overnight guest.

Both wondered,

What will we do?

Apartment works.

Just enough, two.


is the room,

Where I shall be.

The guy Is Paul,

He’ll live with me


not large,

Not large at all.

Works—draws unda’bed,

My own bed tall.


Back in Dayton,

Ona Saturday,

compete n’tha

Dayton Muddler



Bout’ tre mile con trouble

Obstacles: ice water, electric, mud


Begin, with that

new know-

ledge and horizon.

First, Globe 201

With Dr. Gable.

Hist 104—Am.

Survey. Hist 361

AFAM Reconstruct.

Ital 201 and Int’l 490,

With Pr. Corubolo.

Location is nice.

Jus a walk to class,

a ride to friends.


Strange to me,

Weird to them,

How clearance be?

For person over 23.

Swipe in, sign out.

Hand over the Id.


Jefferson, Libby, or Belle,

We’d take pictures of thee.



Can go north,

Can go south,

Can remain here.

Nice to have…


Few times round,

We’d jump in the car.

Drive home to get our fill,

Few times bound

Try It

What it called

How to eat

she will show

watch him







Con Firebirds thrice a week—I get my fix


We’d smile when

It came, even called for it.

The quickening pace, the

Somber silence, the fear,

Excitement in Serving.


Dos set me here. Dining–all black

Shoes, they care. Shinin thru—lack-

w/ mangement here. Tough to snack

Even still—dare to freezer n back

With Jorja—Share desserts—slack

When able—air cold fresh—hack

In life—this stair low n path—yack

constant here, fare in business track

mind, elevate—rare to find—stack

money for exp, wear greatness, wrack

may be—heir we are—smack

wrong—fair, move–sack

shifts spare nothing—rack

feet-then chair can’t sit—whack

restaurants swear many a’jack


Race in America: Past,

Present, and Future with

Phd Christina M. Greer

Fordham University.

Opened my eyes, not

slave-enslaved person;

Spoke high of LBJ-Civil

rights; “All states are red,

just blue cities and if that

is enough to change it.”

Tinder: Desperation—tried twice , no success; once met face-face


Dad helped with my

phone call, I must

wait for answer;

and he right she like
the doctor. Turn to me,

my past experience—

first response, imitate

travel lifestyle—mentality;

“New Resolution.

Do something new

every single day”


Oh my—non mai,

cibo buonissimo,

Congolese Food,

Wonderful. Eat Up.


That household

Mom with Six.

Is full of…


Departure: Where, who,

I? Home but the route.

Expanding out, inside

mess, longing drives.


What is it good for?

Absolutely Nothin—

Korean, Vietnam; Greed

A’times, Domination—when

we are them—Hate

overtakes love, Fear

Destruction, Clear.

Intent—Avarice of Man—

White, Self-Determination?

Interests of Revolution—

America, fought for it.


Dedication to fallen,

here in this land;


and before (Rev.),

the civil (divide), 

never settled, back

in Asia, and not too

long ago—less east.

Too many wars,




have fought and died—

here a memorial to Them.

Is it true what Mr. Madison

said, “War and Battle is

engrained in who we are?”

Amor Morte, Death too?


So tranquil, peace

adventure too—take

bike for hill after hill.

Soldiers’ tomb, view make

it true. J.Davis—Monroe

Richmond eternity, shake?

Impossibile. An exp. real

provide chill-thought, bake

over it in the humid sun



Hallowed, 18000 Soldier, 2 presidents, one more


Oh how laws be

Constricting, dividing,

Suffocating, for who?

The betterment of what?

This law, any law prevent-

Prohibiting freedom—nature;

Times and law changes,

Truth e sempre clear.


Full of thought–

Don’t speak,

Listen. With

them three–

That’s three




He proposed, “Once we start

taking down monuments,

where do we stop?” Funny,

It’s seems, no one has put

thought into that. Destroy

they say. Tear them down,

fair. Then what? We must

learn from our history, and

better our present, and

future. The monuments work?



But if, whether it be today,

or sometime in the nineteenth

century; if we cannot accept

reality, instead fighting with

every breath, to alter the fate

of man; are we even living?

Can we truly die, and part

from this world, if we never

accepted and thus, never

lived in it?  A harsh reality,

of a history, in a country—

currently divided, seemingly

always divided; due to polarizing

issues of humanity: RACISM,



downtown, con la bici.


First, tha deck for view,

Then Capitol square-

Barbara Rose Johns there.

Jackson too. Quite an anomaly—

Richmond is. Perhaps, an

oxymoron. Or just life,

Progression & Struggle,

185 to I95, trending up.

Yet, struggle remains as

Stonewall still breathes,

must we continue fighting

The same battle forward



Deck n City Hall below

Square of Capitol. Fight

thru inner-strife; exploring

turns to Barbara Jones;

conflict real. Strength in

“Reaching for the Moon.”


Art display; casa d’AFAM

Guest di Kana; saw few times

Reflection—later, mai connection

Nice distraction, from present

longin; mai happened—no need

since hopes—plans to depart?


Munich to London

back to Richmond

missed the company

the stories intrigued

Another, here again

We go; talkin—slide

to comfort, resort

back—to familiar,

anxious, seemingly

incapable to be alone

detachment proved

desire—or fright, un-

certainty, reach out at…



Lectures, or gym


Talk with Paul

Walk to Jorja


Options—in n out




E’ impossibile

Senza Support.



Detach from lei e Richmond,

with the news; the future I see.

Sit back and address, present,

experience in this ‘relationship.’

Experience openness, without

thought for futuro o present, yet

how do I tell her? Fell into role—

each week, her place o mine in

the dorms. Knew all along, yet

here we are; the company; just

side—cuz Douce cross the hall.


The rooftop—assistance

With conversation—

Preparation, he talk-I

Listen, creation beyond

Classroom, Italian—to

Italy; “mi hai messo qui.”


Serving—nights and day

Cena, beve—games

Absurd bills, guests too

Come back each time—

Irritation, commodity—food

Walk about, away n fast


Work together

Enjoy the chaos

Sunday mornings

Jokes n smoke

After work—blue(s),

Her place or out

Friend that’s true

Rarity—loyalty, fun

For real—direct too


Perhaps the most difficult

aspect of my impending

departure from Richmond—

Douce, Since first coming

down to VCU—to view

houses, I visited his place

on West Catherine St.

His home, company,

friendship—a staple for me

in the unfamiliar city, in fact

It is the one constant

I’ve come to rely on, my

composition of social life

involves him. Friendships,

job, memories, and

relationship—I can

accredit to him;

now I must part that

one constant comfort.


The semester is drawing

a’close, I’ve encounterd

much in my brief time at

Globe. Conversations with

Paul, his continued interest

in our relationship—a DEM

connection. Classes have

given me much—insight into

religion of the west(ern) de-

struction of the world, while

the U.N. continues on, as

does my Italian training—

now preparation for Viterbo.

Glad to tell my two Italian

professors. History irritates

me every day; Reagan

preventing Carter, Hostages

turn political, history of the

oppressed—long silenced

By the lash, lynch, and law

of our land. Globe continues,

Professor Gable now twice—

has helped push me along;

they all are to thank for me here.

Each elevator ride, classroom 

conversation, and event offers

an opportunity—break down

the ignorance that so often

consumes me, an evening at

the Opera—shared skittles,

met a girl—had some tea

back near me. Nightly, I have

plans—stay home alone;

much needed time for me;

rare—when friend up north

ave, or she south; an actual

house—not mine but company

I like—role I fill, friend, student.


First met at your house,

through Leondra n Douce

In a circle we sat,

smoked n discussed—

travels interested me.

It began on a trip to

Harrisonburg, the couple

took the bed—we with

Jorja, the other room;

why you left the air

mattress for me—floor

that was all it took.

To peak my interest—

told, yours as well; 

resistance, at first

not between us; but

the group—they knew

you better than I, soon

I had you over, and

that was that. We

began with understanding,

I can’t commit, and you—

to become comfortable

without, your past—my

future warranted that.

From the beginning,

our level of comfort—

connection real. Provided

comfort, in times of need—

gave me aid and distraction;

Days, nights, and weeks

went by; we began

to question—you left

for Europe; it hit me hard.

Where I want to be,

away from here—signs

clear, but comfort is real

beast to overcome.

Dinners, an agreement;

one stipulation—me ignorant

to large part of world

cuisine unfamiliar, how to use

Chopsticks—help me. We

continued, off before trip—

on soon after; Mamma Zu

Prepare, Impress at Libby

Hill. Chasing I sought my

company—back, to my

Room that evening.

Relationship never agreed,

fell into—time spent each

night. Challenging rule of three,

in the dorms, another rule

broke too—worried that one.

Relentless, became routine—

attached. Only one thing

could save her, me, us; direct

on path, she needs chance

then confidence to be

alone; me—be true to me;

my nature soon changed—

with my fond news—abroad.

Difficult now to part, us fighting

Nature, present truth: we

have no future, never did,

knew but soon had to address

Our uncomfortable—unfortunate

truth, crutches for each other;

sad alone, ma ora luce viene…


Told boss, my two weeks—

I must give, happy to say;

I’m leaving here—restaurant

Life not for me, option to return

if I desire, hope not to be, Short

Pump mall, long wanted to see;

now aim to leave—Return next

year, change will come, Friend

group here—comfort too, Like 

the post, it don’t work with growth.

Jorja’s inspiration—gave to me,

Goodbyes, always difficult—past

prepare, an evening of cookies,

smoke, talk and joke, Become

accustom to company—tough to

leave. However, knew all along

—Richmond’s next step, along

this path, Viterbo soon—is where

I need to be. Strange, took awhile

—but finally became accustom to

city; friends, professors.

Year slowly coming to a …


RVA in rearview, now to

J in SA for a week; can’t

imagine better prep.—

Follow routine—look up

and work on daily to-do’s.

A list, task completer

True admiration—

found Missionaries on 

bikes toured vast city, role

model, PH.D aspiration—-

assisted, push me along,

Ten days—Barcelona,

doubts begin to set in

slight hesitation—

confide, aspire her level


absorbed conversation



Find a seat to slump

and watch at the airport.

Plenty of time Neflix, certo

—poi loss of time, wrong

location—unaware Panic,

here I AM—waste time

Only—again Neflix, full

shame and despair, less

time with Dad n Tracy,

Christmas time has come.


What better to do before

trip arrive to two,

travelers to spend time

with them, their advice,

guidance, encouragement,

Full two days: the city,

company, conversation,

And cuisine never

disappoint; molding me to

The man I need to be,

adapt where soon will be.


Presently, should been to Spain

Yet here, overnight in Newark.

Say the plane—-Norwegian blame.

Inform Elio, now lost a day;

Oh the bus ride stress

Then dash cross the city;

to airport just in time for a…


Arriving back to Virginia

In June, the high of living

in Italy—traveling, not only

forced a low upon return but

clouded me. Removed enough

from life—Richmond; this transition,

without any money and a job—rough

Luckily, as always my supportive family.

June-December 2018


I am back,

In Dayton—the

Comfort Zone.

Been six months,

Since Dayton, a

Comfort Zone.

I can’t stay long,

Flee from the

Comfort zone.


Here we are, things, as they

always do—have changed

I’ve returned, but y’all have

left; Douce to the west,

Jorja back home—next step

for both, understandable now

alone, I must accept the same,

Richmond—alone, for first time

June 2-May 11

The talk—set me straight.

Now I return a bit late.

Richmond: a clean slate.

Friends left, without mate.

Walk alone to that date.



Nervous, Scared.

To teach Biology,

What if I fail?


“We go higher, higher.

Our future brighter, brighter.”

Torn between, falling into things;

Or is there connection, a path?


Every day a…

Teach Science a…

Keeping cool a…

Every night a…




I teach.



I plan.

Forty plus

A week.

For what?




Is lacking—clear

here, with kids

Up, loud and

About; yet, I

Don’t yell, not

My style. So,

I call for help—

And advice from

Parents, Mr. Eric,

And staff, what

Should I do?

Change it up,

Move seats,

Work to inspire

Make it fun, and

Bring a subject

That doesn’t hit

Me like it should;

To teach at least,

And bring it to

them, I saw it

All differently,

But hindsight

Things better if

had experience.


Go karts,

The park,

The museum.

Each Thursday,

We go on…

Our Day

Today we


For today

Is our day.

Years ago, they

Declared this day.

For independence,

They say. At the

Time, Democracy

Now I ask, dis

True, o…?


With great company,

We sit and watch,

fireworks across the sky.

How amazing they are,

Shining o’er the city,

We dream so high.


Now, to a subject matter

That it inspires, energy

Comes that relates to me.

Now, challenge bring to them.

We go to museum, first task—

to inform, prepare;—Aryan, white

superiority, hatred; the premise they

may know—I hope not, but reality—

this mentality is shared throughout time—

Past and present. Expulsion, Eradication,

Segregation. Acts repeat, evil sheds its skin;

slithering hidden and masked in life.

Hitler, General Dwyer; Mussolini,

Colonel Mathieu—address the act,

turn truth on continued horrors.


Two months,

I stayed here.

You’re gone now,

But still near.


Air holds us up,

Reminds of beginning.

You exit—join me.

Two months my bed.


Each night—hear you,

Wake me, bake me,

Hear you in the room.

Each morning—ready.



Happy to be out, a unique

place to be, away from campus,

una faccia diversa di RVA

Lets see area n five years


Olympics of the Mind.

Four centers in a Kind

competition: Math-Science-Dance;

bind, the centers, kids, by chance?


For three days,

We are here.

Two nights,

We were there.

Don’t know how

this gonna go.

Struggle at times,

But got through,

even learned a

thing or two.



Perhaps have

Become accustom

To being, the adult

In the room. Now I

Must become the

Lead on the campus.

Dining Hall

Ever’ day,

Went to the…

2 times a day,

Ate at that…

Ever’ time,

Mess n’the…


From dat…


I sure am

confused on

this big campus.

Too much walkin on

this big campus.

Why only one

open dinin’ hall on,

this big campus.


weren’t given but two:

A Physics session,

N’ a swimming:

T’ was a lesson, then

M ade the rest:

A’ ll we can do.

N’ visited sum places:

made it true and true.


Our word, team-

La nostra parola-

Olivia, Gabi, Tony,

Aaron, Felicia, Linwood,

Danielle, Andy, Eric, I—

We made the summer.


Aid has come

In the name

Susan Estabrook,

The Italian fund.


Ah Orientation

lo ricordo—not long ago

Quando arrivato qui.

Now, I stand up here n’

Explain my times—in

Globe, and abroad.

Ho Bisogno

Hop in the car

Need a boost, ironic,

Add to me—On my Mind

Yet desire peace of…

Arriva lavoro dai


Now I can

Bike to work,

But I don’t.

I bus now,

Can’t serve

Here. Don’t

Know the menu.


It is tough

When they start.

I try and try,

Nick even longer.

I’m sure they

Look at us: silly

English Speakers.

Fair, in two-months,

Grasped just one thing,

‘Khate Khate’.

Adesso aggiungo

E facevo la

Mentalita per la Vita.

Khate Khate Cagne.


Vous ets fou

I’ve worked in

Tres ristorante,

Nello tempo.

I suppose every


The same thought,

Yous a fool.


Once More

I see you.

Once again.


Perhaps true,

Cosa e’ morto,

May never die.


Take to the parks,

Weather is nice

Ideas flow to please

Impress and entertain


Excited to see

her, first time—

A brief meet n’

Greet at Opera.

Then to tea-WGN.

We’d reach out

While I abroad,

A meet again,

This time, date—

Her just out of a

relationship, me


We’d find out after,


wine, actions in car—

Led to my room,

We’d spend the night,

Hitting each other’s… 




“Plan for many

pleasures ahead.”

Ask, is pleasure

the priority—purpose?

Beware, it will dissipate,

then what will remain?


Made, first per lei

Fa senso e repeat

Poi altro per me

Ora not so upbeat


Mr. West—matters indeed,

Mr. Mandela—a need.

Paolo-Alchemist push through time,

Seneca-Letters help climb.


Fa Caldo-a Fiume.

Find a Rock, Sit a-while.

Belongings, BEWARE—

your steps and place.

Trova-dai, Find the peace.

The quiet place, AWAY!


A city, okay, we’ll call it that,

No mountains, fields, coast.

It’s a shame really, Parks a-

plenty. It is there, I go, most.


This is now, not back then

See, saw—certainly that is all

No reflection, check or thought

A boy with clouded judgement

Ignore the signs, plenty they be

Dive in, introduced, and enjoy

Company. Open eyes to mind

recognize true nature—she n me


Not fully on me,

When you sway,

What—expect to be?

Deal we have may

Last, long you see

teach—beneficial to me.


Unclear how we here,

One unnecessary comment,

another—teacher adds there!

So, I write, prep and plan,

other matters needs my care.


We are treated, especially me.

I sit in now, in the company to be.

Mom, John, and Professor C.

For Mr. Woodward, truth is key.


On the trail we shall go.

Over a bridge far?– No.

Not as far as I’d like to go,

with others we never know.

Prefer Solo…I’ma show.

Night Out

Oh Wednesday,

You laid me out.

Outside my room,

With a roll-out-mat.

Woe is Me, “Shame,

Shame, Shame.”

Che peccato, For I am

thus, what is for me?

To Be. Look at me.


We hear your accents,

Proper and prime.

Two histories, cultures,

Sides of history—much

Tha same as us. Perhaps,

That’s why you fit so well,

Proud and thankful for you two.


We share interests,

Thoughts and dreams

Conversations, games,

Or beer. Dinner is good

Just for a change, be

adult—future life to see

I learn now, for me, we



Everyday topic

We critique,

And Discuss.

Everyday, our

Irritation; joke,


For What!


Oh, to hear, face, and be entranced

by absurdity, a stain on our present

Nation and Nature. We must face it

Perhaps, the only or best way, with…


Ogni giorno

Il Mondo-dai!

To Class-racism,


Aspetta possibile?

C’e’ un Connection?

Next door

Nice to open a door

N see a friend who,

Divulge, celebrate,

Struggle its true

Together though

Helps us move thru


A new job, I’ve begun

A task to improve—aid

A young mind to assist

Opportunity of Importance.


Neva know what will be

Expected discomfort—true.

A park, a bench,–this new,

Walk streets-quarter to two.

On a journey—to find you.

Perspective, thought, growth—key.

Neva thought a convo here at three

in the evening but check the view

Aid my body-n-mind, offer—a clue.


Long walk through the night

Stops taken, yet know my place

To rest n sleep: wake for bright

View of city; cold…makes face

Reality, be fo’ some, w/o light

N no hope fo’ a betta chase



Each day an opportunity,

Each week a lesson,

Every day an improvement,

On tha campus, at work,

Or at home. We must take…


Appreciate the word,

Put me at ease—relate.

Same pace to dialogue,

What stories, the 80s,

Drug scene, Richmond.

Again, a reminder—now

just the truth, Be open—

accept man—gain what will.


Change, sorry never do.

Going in-get ya somethin’

A dollar, an item at this store.

Lye and wait, then appreciate.

Nothing for me to do, nothing

to a smile, conversation more—

Nother lesson to memba, he=me.

Pepsi—make a mark, bring us up.

Perhaps, connection, respect truth.

To member a man; siamo insieme:

Necessary—betta together, lift me up.

Before class

It didn’t seem fair,

Guess it never is.

He here, alone,

This all left for him.

As the rain poured down,

I turned back, how could I

Continue? Certainly, 2-hands

Can help. Bags in dumpster,

To class discussion, out of rain.


Mr. George B. Shaw,

See your words here,

nella Terra “The true joy in life

—used for a purpose, recognized

by yourself as a mighty one”

D’accordo; life for the whole—

a privilege, indeed to be used up;

reinforced by work. We must have

our torch burn bright—shine for all

see—recall past, aid future—Gen.


No matter Lei o me,

we can improve; by

an interaction, experience,

exchange, memory, a change.


Met in Charlottesville,

Old home of ours,

A reprieve to see you,

Mother of mine—the,

Expected came, walk-

talk, enjoy the company,

yet, by the river in a park,

You confided, I inquired,

Of our past; your darkest

Days. I was young, too

Naive to recognize, how

You struggled, a realization,

A discussion that altered time

And shape our lives. Speak

Of crying each night, hold it

From us, alone you fought

Battles daily, here; shake me

Up to hear such trouble from

One so dear, and so, strong 

You are to face alone, and

Win—evident only decades

Later, how you overcame for

A purpose; us, and the hope

Of a better future—inspire me,

Providing me with what I desire,

need—a role model to become.


Let them lead,

First take control.

Awake-5, get 8 hours.

Do math and follow.

Deliberate learning,




Like the room,

A routine is a

work in progress.


For a period—I can help

fifth graders here-the whelp.

New to me—school is too,

Not Wilder, Henderson’s who.


Be ready for at any moment,

Don’t matter the man, woman,

Or child, the encounter, that

Single conversation can be it.


Had our confusions,

Slip ups—miscommunicate.

Pleasure—it was, our talks,

Story alone. Human spirit.


Boil has come and split fast.

loss of control, with past.

Lesson remained Unlearnt; burnt.

Sight in mirr’, sought terror.

Low to be—days went slow for me.

Change is key, or destruction be.

Reflect upon, what is done.

Social concept—yet unkept.


My destination now

for the second time.

A park, worth the walk.

Options, two benches,

And if it rains (twice),

it has a place for cover.



Why must I take shelter each time,

hide from your drops, take refuge.

Lying flat on slate cement, grime

Feelin I have—foggy awake, retreat

To my home, room, n bed—prime

comfort, rest w/ it; imagine a’being

Alone e’night, street w/ nuthin: Crime.


On Sat. mornings if YOU come down,

to the Southside–Oak Grove Elementary,

930 be exact. You’ll arrive to a Cafeteria,

full of Compassion, Innocence and Joy—

Children, from Honduras, Salvador…

Very people—too often, demonized

by us. We are them. They are US.


“Recycle your pain! Use your pain,

To push you to another level!”

Eric Thomas provided the words,

Separation gave me pain, energy.

Energy led to the desire for change,

Loneliness led to solitude, a canvas.


Twenty Twenty—

Two strike for me.

Lost twice—two ya see:

past, future—present Me.



Feeling odd to have,

Yet familiar to me.

A pain of self,

He, Me, Be.


The Literature

The power within

Testaments so pure

To human—self—kin

Greatness helps ensure

Of path-connection—win


Picture a man falling

off a horse, into a mud

pile, ruining his clothes,

breaking his nice new hat.

After cleaning-up and looking

around, he sees everything

around him from ground level.

He could see farther, and more

clearer pictures of the terrain

on the horse, it was enjoyable,

to be so high. Now the horse has

run off, and he is stuck with life on

the ground now. Here lied the over-

arching issue; the horse—a nice

distraction, allowing me to take in my

environment with a dismissive smile.

Now on ground level, I realized the

terrain of my life was not what I

wanted it. Disgust. This was me.



who am I,

What am I to be,

Broken into four-highly

intertwined category.

Collector and facilitator

Individual—Self (Me)


My tasks I like;

Ball, write, cook, run, n bike..

Fused w rest—I am best

Version-me, speak with chest.

Aim for improvement,

Neva furtha then bent.


Each day, the exuberance

to Learn something new.

Literature perhaps, culture-too,

History naturally, that’s boo.

Wakes me up tre ore after two.

Throughout the day—can be true,

Never stop collecting, hold to.

Collect, Examine, constant-woo.

Investigate-no hate, perhaps-cue,

Now-keep collecting—until it’s you.


You not know

What to do—

there three

Steps to be, for

Learning a-new,

Watch n Learn, do,

then teach—it true.


Knowledge for the

Betterment of man

Is public domain—

Allow your light to shine.


Oh what to say,

We’ve gone from two

to one for I had to pay,

Proper price for self-cue,

Now feel anew,

Strong, happy, n true you.


It is too valuable, a process

Requiring constant attention

an aim-purpose; contentment

to self, striving towards greater

Nature aids; silence like music

to ears; and within—rumbling rapids

Sound of birds, the mind begins,

Reflect, relax; judge thoughts n acts.


Let it guide

A judge—askin

What is this to me

Keep in forefront

Judge actions-lead

Let it elevate


You have two legs

to explore the land

to find true everlasting

beauty. Now exists horses,

which will elevate you. You

don’t know with surety where

the two of you together will

go; decide, how do you go?


Listen to him—for he is a wiseman,

Supreme intelligence, spirit, n can-

Do attitude. Set the world ablaze,

He right, remained alone-ina maze.

Reflection-true, ma much time,

Alone-sulking, became a’mime,

Internal thoughts scream sin.

Forgetting to act n’ think of kin.

Took away from path—divert,

of mission—larger image, hurt.


Senza te, chi io sono?

You provide—uplift,

Without you—I do-no.

Mona, Tracy, Lauryn,

Andrea—and Pro-bono,

Tasha Cobbs Leonard.


Check yaself before you…

Find yaself before you…

Invest yaself before you…

Remind yaself before you…


Oh, to be a…

Woe to the..

For I became a…

Worse, foe to a HB…


Far too often I Depart the.

Tragedy–really, for all we see.

Balanced, we must be.

Past is key–future me?

But Presently…


We talk n talk. U.S. and them.

Western and the Eastern.

We are different, that is

quite clear. That difference,

tho, should never be a divider.


Here is a doctor

Well-earned, proud to be

Lei e’ mia Sorella

Ascoltiamo e marvel at she.



For the first time,

Two parents—two partners,

Equal fo’parents: role models,

Nonna, n for all to see—Julia.

We are very full, reading Great

Americans- I have only to look

Toward my company, strength

In/Is this family, Aspire—Love…


Family is here

Mixes worlds

This—very clear

Incredible, to see

Cooperation to tear

stereotype n show

Takes elevation—bear

past sufferings n pain, 

Siamo qui who share

mentality, compassion,

advancement, care


Break down-

Walls of Ignorance,

Prejudice and Hatred.


Fear and Oppression.


Disease of Self-Hatred


Suffering the explanation—

Remind each day; occurring

as speak. Death—senseless,

Pains all humanity, rise up all.




Conversation served two

Purposes; inspiration—

Direction, as often do.

Acting as soundboard,

Second opinion; Different



That evening I cannot forget

How my untimely—ill-mannered

Expression of energy, intoxication

Injected—incited discussion

Blues; intermediary—defender

Lackluster—devastated, broke

directed, instructed—universal truths—

I’m to blame for the mess we’ve made

Once, twice; change–third time: respect


The word is wrong; the use,

the situation, the person.

That we all can agree;

yet, one truth became

disturbing to me. Why

let a comment, a word,

choke you up—unable

to prevent an individual

from growing—prospering;

a word and opinion is just

—fluttering into the air.


The first night, went awry—

Hopes not bright nor so high.

Yet the program must go on.

Nov. start anew—from

summa…e’one gone.

New team, practice—run.

Scholars-old and new,

me not yet done—

Working with them—

nor them with I, November

til May, then we say bye.


Day began a quarter to three,

began with a drivin’ to D.C.

Day n night, one thing on mind.

Stuck. Removed, Lost-unkind.


Ignored signals

present n past

fooled myself—


in a show,

not my own


November—months follow.

Reflection is key,

realization—twas hollow.

Fallen, led astray, low—

Sought end of days,

Time crept slow.


Unknown at time—was

being Gracefully Broken


One much needed, add to that—

A friend returns; holding up alone

Just long enough for relief—external

They will aid. Picked him at the Airport,

His employment, location-previously

Ours—now separated coast to coast,

He took mask—left one for me, need

If the stories hold true, have a plan again

Drive, along for the ride—Fredericksburg,

He connection—between the three, friends

Arrive—party, in terms for me—six people

Carefree, enjoying with an aim: pregaming

before night really begins out; for me

—told them, this here, us fine—in fact,

no desire to leave after session,

conversation—best for me; not loud-

bumpin social hub open till three.

Nonetheless, six in the car

A night four can’t forget.



Can’t stress enough—a silver linin,

Always; –amor fati, find that seam,

somethin gained, walk away

havin learnt-improved somehow.

For me that evenin, where we were.

W/ Company; rare indeed, w/o desire

unnecessary deed, relaxation finest

took away the cold-discomfort too,

from corner, cold ground, huddled

Waitin on driver; until attract another,

Oddity, continued, man rubbing legs

Not two ladies but us—benefits?

Watch, equality, right ladies? Strange.

Pleasant and kind; car, part to heat.

Squished in a car, company a massage.

What to do? Soon, learn boy she has too.

Four in the morning, crash till seven.


Must make a stop,

somewhat between—

close for him; familiar

face—happy to see.

Meet parents, get to see—

Orange county. Interesting, 

separated from town—city

secluded in country lining.

Nicest folks, sweet as can be;

that kitchen—Mrs. Brock

Representin true southern

holiday cooking—Thanksgiving.

Gotta make a visit to Liberty,

house now fuller than see to be

Previously in the past years;

all brothers, cousins, from Florida

First time—nervous to meet Father,

accepted once again at table-family.


Dinner’s at Gail n Kevin—

Later discuss—remark to be; 

hits the family has taken recently,

This past year we’ve seen—yet

here we are, working on recoverin’

A crash, disease, death. They say time—

We show love, in face of these tragedies.


Have a guest—speaker today,

Ms. Mona Haydar. She just may—

Be what—you needed when say,

“I can Lift you out of your pain.”


chills, goosebumps,

tears. Sensed: strength,

purpose, power, connection.


Dear Professor, can’t say disagree—

but must’n say it. tis true then, age

and, intelligence don’t beget



Once more here we are,

This process—been on—

Pushed aside for company,

Sin—know now why divide—

She return to him, Me lost.

Came for homework—shared

In Globe, an assignment—I paid

No attention to, only one—Dis-

Traction for me, one of carnal

Desires; lust—unhealthy, yet

Comfortable—eases pain with-

In for a period, car inspection—

Morning, time insieme—for the….



What if present situation

is to your detriment, or

you must overcome and

struggle, not ignore and,

enjoy.  These are the thoughts

that rifle through my mind

constantly. How can a person

divided, stand? Must choose

one, a life of present desires,

rewards, challenges, and

comforts; or a life that he cannot

foresee into the future. Perhaps,

with good reason, as in many

instances, we are not the people

we are yet to be; so naturally,

not being that person, I can’t

accept and handle what he can do.

The only suggestion for myself, 

“The Dream isn’t your business,

the Process is,” I am to only do

what I am capable of in this

present, with thought of something

greater, down the road, but think

with no clarity, and not too deeply;

because that is not our concern.


Come to an end,

the semester that is.

Here we are—on Lend.

Time & Know..borrowed.

Actions—Now, on mend.

To Correct me, Self.

Straighten the bend.


Ogni Giorni,

Morning, Day,

or Dark. We Can

Learn– a religion,

a language, a culture,

Global Skills, Truths—

Gripping tales of

the White Man.

Sykes, Said, Mau-Mau.

Mani sulla gola degli altri

They’re still breathin’

And so we Study.


A casa sua

A dinner for us.

Celebrate in-lieu-a

The Semester’s end.


A Sorpresa a-me,

Not only a-Cena,

But a vote-to-be,

The President.


C’’e niente come te

Allora, davvero voi,

L’ospita degli Italiani,

Dal central e sud!


It snowed a bit,

put the city unda,

No drivin-No School,

No work, Davvero—

–quite funny, Senza

una macchina,

Sto bene col mio Bici.



Growing, Isolating,

Connecting, Directing.

It can be home,

Here in Richmond.

Libby, magari, Byrd Park.

Be walking the streets

Praga, Roma, Trebinje.

Searching for destinations,

Traveling to the next city.


One fact remains

the Peace resides

in the wee Hours.


Amazing—to be shipped

From place to place,

Prepare—Florida, DC,

Then home to Dayton.

Week—three destinations,

Seems very familiar.


Ran most days,

Walked each night.

On occasion it rained,

E’day it was cool—bright.


Warm is appeal,

Chiaro a me,

Florida yet scary,

Also clear to me.

Each time—a joy,

3 women—three gen.


Again, Tracy has introduced me,

Soul strength, the LYRICS,

India Arie, provides peace,

perspective during Winter break.



For weeks, I sit here,

Attention to you,





We read Langston,

Depict Georgia,

Explain Kansas.

Emerson to Buren,

Thoreau on Brown.

Marx on class,

Franklin on Virtue.

What WE have Now,

None of them knew.

What WE are Now,

None of them Know.


Pick century, choose decade,

Select: Read, Watch, Study.

I beg you America,

Learn of your past.


When I learn

What came before,

I am Enlightened.

When I know

Of my past,

I am Empowered.

When I understand,

origins and ancestors,

I am Entrusted.


Why do you waver,

all too often?

How lost, forgotten,

by so many?

Misguided, Scared,

Angry, and Bitter.

Human. Yet,

forgetting That

All Too Often!


It’s a wonder

to Me,us n—

tha TV. Vision,

Given or Taken?

Mindless, We Sit

and Watch Another.

A Release perhaps,

or a Delusion, a Fantasy,

Oh dear TV. This can’t be,

I don’t like what I see.

Take me, let me,

Escape into thee,

Oh Beloved—TV.


You know what’s tonight.

The Big Game, WE gon win—

Big, No Doubt. They Can’t

Stop US. Oh it is so,

You contribute?


Merchandise, Pride,


Ah, my friend,

it doesn’t matter.

You’ve already lost.


Oh He is right.

When he says,

“Our minds travel

when our bodies are

forced to stay at home.”

Such wise man, didn’t

travel much, consider

the day. Yet, read him—

see, his Mind went.


We can see

Different, or make

Change then see


First See

It as a Test.

An Event.

There’s but just

Two options-avenues,

Win or Lose.

Right or Wrong.

With every act,

Every thought,

Ask, will this add?

How? Why?

When? Where?

Treat it ALL with

Seriousness of a…


C’e’ un sentiment

Mentre a casa parent

Nella stessa stanza con

Mitchell ed I gatti

Tempi intorno

Madre, in cucina o fuori


Langston Hughes at age-

twenty-four wrote, the Negro

Speaks of Rivers; me at two

Years past, I have come toward

Truth; I cannot be two people—

I must run this path—that

Scratches within me, on

Horizon, Asia; I must prepare.

First, lifestyle, new country—

People, culture; same me, that

I always bring, time to modify,

Adapt scholar lifestyle—R.W.E.

Time preferred, to text; read then

Write, change comin, my own…


The new year; removed

from school, social life,

work, and home RVA,

allowed me to detach

from my present life.

Led by the desire for

knowledge, I dove into

the sea of literature.

Impending graduation,

and South Korea on

horizon, each day appears

to be necessary prep.

for the next step.

January-May 2019


New Year, Last Semester:

So much on mind,

How to grapple with?

Knowledge is Power.









True o new

a me—grande

Study n who

I know not—may

open, join in dew



The tour begins,

And I must

Think, what

Will I miss most?

Ina city, no–a home,

For three years now.

Run, snap, sip, enjoy views.

Memories, Blues n’ blues.

c.s.a. in all, it’s Libby Hill.



You commend my fadeaway,

My response, all I may.

For if I run, I my lay,

On the ground, it will pay.

Oh, to age n see the day,

When I’m old n gray.


Up for an adventure.

Encounter, study,

Find a Cure?

Doubt before,

Now it Pure.

This our task,

Am I Sure?



A nice day,

Feels like may.

Not gonna pay.

Let’s take a…

What to see,

Who is he?

It’s just me.

Don’t Let him be.

All during a…


Look at us four

So very different.

Age, Color, Nationality.

But at the Core?


We met on the street.

Talked, then change to eat?

But who are they?

to shoe you away.

For they are men.

mere men, indeed.

What to say?

how to explain…

We are WRONG!


What to say?

Of your assistance–

You’ve given your pay.

How to Explain?

Impact you’ve made.

Some may complain.

Words so wise,

Guidance so true,

For I couldn’t be

Me, Without You.


January, yet a March.

Wear Red, Support, Cheer.

To the Capitol, there it is.

Opportunity to be Heard.

“If you won’t do it, Let us

know, We’ll Pack your Stuff

and help You go.”



Come Fortunato

Sono io. Primo

Marco; Ora, Yeol.


C’e una grande diviso,

Amongst us—unnatural ed

Implemented Da Uomini.

Dobbimao lavorare a

la sua destruzione.

Possiamo break it down.


Teacher’s march,

Women’s march,

A Civil Rights march.

Non fa senso—

Per nessuno. One

March, One Problem,

Per tutta la gente!



Hours in the room

day or lights-out

found Solitude.

The goal to achieve 

progress to make—

become friend of self.

Absolve to n suffrage;

you shall read–they

awaken me—or self

discovers me—

Quiet they Be.


With every,







Why do I heed your thought?

For I am weaker with you.

In a car, I regret I bought.

Diversion from life, it’s true.


I sit and wonder.

What good this for me?

How will this help me?


Move Out, Register,

Visit. Change,

Fail, Learn,



Better Man, But how?

Avanti, Avanti,

“Advance Into Chaos

and Darkness,”

The Unknown,


The Discomfort.


Just a glimpse,

a smile,

a movement,

an expression.

A certain


Into the world.


Great to see,

You Again.

“Thought you

were, had…”

Nope still here.


Professor, How to explain–

Your Class: Awakened,

Disgusted, Destroyed–

ME. For I could NOT–

I can NOT, Be the same.

Professor, If I am to be,

Successful. If I am to be—

In part, you—Credit

Professor, thus

To you, Credit is due.

Depends to who:

Praise or Blame.


Not wgn-tha lib,

our globe grad,

Kamyar speaks,

Then my name.


 —con te sono:






Man. self.

—siamo senza:







Azione. cambia.


Academy back-in sess.

Return children; energy,

hugs, smiles. Bring Yeol,

see se-mesh. Taped da-afar,

while I near. Build vocab, learn bio,

accept visitors, play outside.

Proud to be part, but we

must ask, why necessary?



Let’s try somethin’ for you,

African-sure, perhaps new,


Mangia bene—Déjà vu.


There is a certain

necessity in this type

of conversation, or its

very nature. As if a test

will present itself in the

coming weeks, requiring me

to make sense of and spew

out all the newfound knowledge

and understanding. A test, perhaps,

not one needing a pen and pencil,

nor will guessing among multiple

choice answers be helpful. Suppose

more, essay form; preparing to the

utmost, to be ready at any and

many moments. Thus, the only

response is to listen-learn-prepare-

ask-reflect, for that days and those

days will come. Awareness of these tests,

or, life-then (One test); causes anxiety,

stress, fear; or excitement-desire.

Whatever it may be, let it be,

let it drive, prepare You.


I must admit-ya been missed.

march, exchange, discuss, eat-go.

cook, eat, play, lye, n watch.

I must admit-ya make’d betta.


Heat residing within,

uneasy, restless, terror.

Almost crippling feeling,

What to do?

Just Move—Avanti!


Schedule good,

Schedule busy.

Do the work, up-

keep up, stay busy.


I sat there-boiling

in contemplation.

The intent, nature-

meaning of this.

Handled better n


Better me, yet

Needa betta me.


With two ten—


I hurt my ankle.





Me-at peace,

Didn’t sleep much–

Swollen ankle.


My time seems…

Collect, Follow Through,

Study, Complete, Go.

Students, Student,

A citizen del Mondo.

Each day—the Olympics


A month—Dedicated.

The shortest Month—quite

Cold too. Fittin’ Still stands—

panem et circenses


In Harrisonburg-mai.

Qui-si, e’ Richmond.

So-I’m asked, Where you from,

What are you, Who are you?


Like droplets on the windshield

they come each day.

Head up, nothing ashamed

of—price we pay.

Knowledge is fearsome, yet

haunting, wanna play?

Empowering n’ diminishing

past n present—anyway.

And in the future—if that

exists—price we pay.

Yet remain true, step

forward with grace and say–

What I have within me—

is true n’ this here—today,

It pains me greatly—

for we have long been astray.

These worries do haunt do me,

so many we have each day.

Perhaps, tears of justice,

humanity, and love will weigh

On people, like is does me,

makin’ a change—let us pray.

Santa Val

La prima volta.

La prossima mattina.

Nice n sweet-like you.

Change-me, must be true.

D.C. Trio

Each time up—I learn,

past opportunities for—I yearn.

Mi—introduce, mold, prepare,

n rejuvenate. We discuss many

things: ignorance, hatred,

fear—oh to eliminate!



Only water—Credit Kush. Hope I’m not mush.

Prova—Record days fast, Grow. Sought in past,

For growth and clarity—Prep made eating rarity,

routine—to detach. Clean; want to be, mean—lean.

Not in action, but in mind. Pursue relentlessly, looking-find.

Growing within—connection. Days n hours of Reflection,

Needed us to bond. Now, Understand pond—

lake Henry retreated to find self—completed,

our one true goal—lend time push Self. Bend

no break, work to whole—process, a book—scroll

n scroll read til done—Not easy, nor a’times-fun

It’s not desire—you, know—it’s not true,

Joy, pleasure, ease—Practice, soon a breeze.

Moments come of strife—turn to us-strong, now Ripe.


First seemed strange to me,

Shuttin mouth and let be.

Now becomin clearer to see,

Life will soon be—free.


Study hall a mess,

Scholars up, out—

others fixed on games.

Elective—capture the flag?

A mess—yet know bless-in.

Oh, every time: Such joy,

challenge, amazement, anger.

Not of them, how could that be?

It’s a greater force, cause

Overhead, a power not to fear,

Nor relate to fair or just.

The only option: learn,

poi Reform o Eliminate.


the smells in the air—

the topic at hand—

il corpo n la mente—

two daze now



looks to be dead

can’t walk lot

Jordans no shot


la mia cucina

mio stomach

aldi-lidl-n more

excitement in return


Look at us—the ten percent

Other ninety—efforts lent

To cultivate scholar study

Abroad—providin a buddy

Round the world—lessen blame

In man—see we all the same


the battle day

after day-squabble

deter, check, cattle.

Exhaustin tryin-cobble


hey ya know,

twenty six to go—

spread across eleven

weeks till culmination,




Gia in lib-teca

Con lei sto qui

Up late—sa date


Breath–Spring Break

Company—can’t beat

Relax—Summer retreat

Return—silence, cake


We have two—on this snowy day

Twenty1 total, Fiona e Gail—say

Happy for us all, vast; close til may

Return to Rocktown, Dayton to stay

For summer, be round family then gay

To explore, sad to wave, like past, pay

A price for future: up, up n away.


Hear we go—Listen three here; really whoa—

Toilet near a tree—Pop y’all really—no, 

life like that for thee; Hot water—bucket; yo,

we’ve really gone up, me’ Neva known life low—or

cold outside, justa pee; I listen—interested, know

that this here is our history. In time truth (come)—show

itself, more of man, free to see, time, reveal—

don’t sleep, listen deep—she don’t speak—we sow to reap

—perhaps, they see N aware—two glow in dis world, thanks be


Estoy muy indeed, Posso & Devo

ricordare a Ringraziare le gente

Who spinge a me—qui

Primo, Chris n Daniel sul treno to Budapest

They informed me—aperta gli occhi

teach English international, davvero?

Poi, Luisa n Cesira; a Liceo, e cultura Americana

Spiega in English, can do. Lisa opened the door

Four months on the resume, of work—Ora

a Richmond, diverso parla il piu meno, soon

path leads east—Asia. For that I am blessed.

Spread il sentiment—knowledge—Friends,

Students, Teachers, to me-one move,

One Decision, magari, Puoi cambiare una Vita,

Your life—Responsible for truth. Travel is way

—Young, lost, searching. Aperta la Mente to endless

possibilities—Il mondo explore, a world, to cherish,

To amor, improve, continuare insieme; Condivere for all.


March seventh to eleventh

Of May, till graduation

Four months back down—

November began—aware

Dependence n understandin

needa changin mold for

what lies ahead. Expectin

seven to begin five

A plan proven—a

process sought on the path


The routine is clear

Wake at five, nine

o ten to sleep. Here

Up later—delay shine

In morning—for dear

Company—pleasure mine


Talk level increased—do we

not revel outdoors, active be-

ings again, basketball see

They tired siting-also me


Say you—friends have none,

sulla strada—Michael, me too.

Perdonami I must go—one

Diviso between us two:

chat, learn—not shun,

your position, mine here—new

non capiro mai, divide; some none

Others excessive, shoutin thru

Lottery: superior privilege, Gun.


Must adjust—difficult,

Nevertheless—qui dimmi,

Company n friends—cherish.


Justice, truth n order,

Isfet—chaos, opposite;

Whether the border—

Truth for tha youth.

Universe: wrongs—hoarder,

Warder; Justice da bird view.


Broke sum rule.

Troppo mangiare, dine

Late. Poi dizzy, tiles cool.

Letto a mezza dopo nine

Grip pillow in pool—

Of own, shake; swine.

I am—helpless fool

Wake in tempo, shine

Aspetto—per ore, cruel

Treatment—body loss, sign

Perhaps—treat care, Jewel

It is—health, like a shrine,

Temple or so; use as fuel

Prossima mattina a gym, fine–

Balance, best; one-self, not dual.


In Islam I learn

Fitna—heavy term;

Tribulations—me, churn

in bed-nightly, squirm.

Wake-ache, throat burn.

Avanti—no matter, firm

To nature of self; yearn—

for growth: now germ

In life, sit, do must—learn,

Oh the past, da libri—worm


Let Epictetus explain:

Contest is now. No

Longer wait. Maintain

Stride, unless desire ordinary. Go

Forward with resolve, complain

of nothing, we at games—show

up and off, each day. Obtain

greatness in every act—sough

our seed for future use, abstain

from thinking of valleys so low;

once was—can be; Me—yet ordain

greatness—we all are, but must Grow;

defeat problems, many each day—arraign

self—faults, towering mountains of woe.

Climbin, single event—progress, domain.


Watch n hear, it on da news,

Sad reality—disturbed to blues.

Dis morning—howls, call made,

Not embolden white woman (close).

Heard em, shocked—well,

not really—the common norm now,

why talk to a’person, in just three

digits—dreams too often destroyed

for what, cigs, a pat; and here—

she stole some cigars; watch—

usual suspect, fear, repeat past-

present, one police, two, three cop, four;

gain all evidence, scour our street;

why not more. Lady seemed

cooperative, at least to me—

prevent escalation;

communication—the key!


A day to remember.

Strange one as that

Busy too—worries,


Though not so much,

Two appointments; Ms.

Ingber and Ms. Glass set,

push me forward. Then gym,

thought lift-bike, ball first.

Twenty-one then three on three,

oh I can still play d. Shower, eat,

Now another one with Mr. Alex,

tough to say—TEFL, went well,

ora confidente—more than before!

Communication is key, chiaro; now-

thanks to him, Ms. Ray; their time,

attention—insight, care. Celebrate-

I don’t know. Not really me, a reward?

Ball earlier, like writing, been neglectin’

—Roma to VA Abroad. Celebration,

a retreat to the past and soon—future,

for tough times now; or weakness, not

too long ago, reach out—but saw her

yesterday, grabbing—no good, just you

n what puo fare. Here I am, with a mind

—computer and fingers, re-calling past;

a year o hr, reflect and correct poi…


Start strong, proud;

Girls for a Change—


girls, to end the blatant

prejudice; young women

vulnerable; strength speaks

Here-these two, we agree

sessions to improve; teach

english, use history, classroom,

stories to tears, fled by truth.


Can we—or

Will it break us,

To know the truth

do we even care?

A conscience in

question—social justice,

Some here to listen

N learn—later a talk,

On racial inequality.

More—concerned with

Green; not our land,

Wear it, drown the


An American Specialty.


The push continues

Quit the fumando,

Recognize its aid—

Yet no escape in

Asia, una sfida—

for real, but the show-

change must go on.



Began with a drive,

Cautiously—brother’s love,

Warns, ensures—our safety

We arrive—nerves, I’m sure

At sixth and eighth grade.

A full house at the center

Dominion, Love Out Loud!

These scholars, such passion

And promise. Fearless,

Aware of power—innate.

Michelle—Fly Black Bird,

Mr. Alex too—tis true!

The power of spoken word,

Dal cuore—l’arte di performance.

Later the orchestra, Jazz Ensemble

Again, goosebumps and tears.

Mingus, Ellington without fears

Of Faubus n Jim—oppression

now we sit here. Them and us,

beautiful scene—represents U.S.


Invited to dinner,

reminiscent d’Italia.

Friends gathered

round a table; Discussion

-real, connection-true

Differences: national—debole,

Commonality, bond—strong,

Students, travelers,

cittadini del mondo.

Seoul, Qatar, Dubai,

Tunisia, Syria, Lebanon,

Scotland, Canada,

Philippines; commonality–

Humanity, show yourself

—be open; relate. For what

we have in common, share

Our stories—hope represents.

In the face of—New Zealand,

a President—Terrorism,

Ignorance is Division,

We are here-Together.

Shining—A power greater

Than fear and Hate;

We will Prevail—with Love.


We able to and most

Certainly do. These rules

For what, to have; to implement

Structure on illogical thought

N action; yet pions as we must

Will follow for now—until our

Role changes, environment too.

No longer nod ok, and accept

Status quo—break away. Led by

Path and process—for greater.

From achievement coach to

teacher of English; roles—

the right system turns…


Left early today, gotta get my two

Hours observation; turned involvement

Wouldn’t have it other way, engagement

Natural, beneficial, enjoyable

Spirit presented, stories inspirational

Venezuela, Brazil, Guatemala,

Jamaica, India; Javier, Anna Rosa,

Gabriella, Jose, Kelling, Happy

Receptive too—the staff instructed

Left feeling elevated, directed

During heightened, locked in;

migliorare: la parole del giorno—mine,

theirs, ours—the First Step, eighteen more

hours; Job too. Explained to Amani n Camiya

this evening; mindset n language (English)

world in hand tis true



Reminiscent with Douce, hop(e) in the car;

Chesterfield—his Docum, then my choice. Here—at

Hollywood, we talk of presidents-governments prior,

injustices, massacres; the CSA, April third; seemingly the same

horrors, same mind; me—we see differently, enjoy the company

—can’t in words, preparation, integration—only a bit; for you a…


Arrived for dinner, their nightly ritual

Arrived to planning, a heightened act

Now dinner WGNorth, we sit around

Yeol offers, a story, we plan around

Now sittin here contemplatin, sunrise

Talkin rent-drive, story here to create

Arrived to beach, blankets, snacks galore

Arrived sun n sea; blankets, energy galore

Now running, goofs—enjoying the present

Enjoyed continental breakfast—a present

Now we closer, in cold suffered together

Continues our journey, learn—grow together



La folla in front of me,


dopo she both italia,

study abroad fair

Senza contatti—

familiarity n air; parla

d’Italia, travel abroad—

Growth, opportunita

Must tell to you.


No sleep—last forty

Present qui-

half-ly, yet, when


Can’t help—won’t sleep

On this, people of Rich-

Mond, check in n out.

Here tho, at this table


Asian market, here before, Katie

Now more real, Yeol and Star

They (Korea, Philippines) know,

me unfamiliar; Yet Chinese, Thai,

Japanese (etc.) get familiar.


Funny how it go.

One moment, good

great; IG post you know,


Hurt common, know well.

Pull within; strongest well


I take him as such

Thoughts-ideals vastly

different than reality

Causing strife, questions—much.

Conscience—Society don’t mix

Scrivo, Leggo-Dai Libri, his Literary

Ethics, Self-Reliance, give insight

Or foresight; lane follow, self—Fix.

Power within, first must learn; the

Endeavor, what more to know.

Peace—nothing but self; principles,

Guided, reinforced by work.

Develop skills: evolve, mature; elevate

above surrounding; truth in divine

Digest past: humanity, knowledge,

Bios-inspire of humanity—the gate.


A fist cocked back,

Jump-in, stop a blow.

Told of intent—damage

Just react, I don’t know.

Temper turns to Regret-


Workin days are trials, often one;

another; need change, too slow!



Two weeks, Time apart

two–Results; Non piu—heart


I told em, been here three

Years and yet here—mai

Not for this, kayakin—idea

Of Ali, Chris n Yeol too.

Former, became expert

At flippin, so we say; Yeol

Funny, say dorm-mate suppose

To be Australian, bad rap ha–

Great experience, beauty

In nature, with friends

Learn every time—with any

—everything. Memories.


Recently, a film–rarity for me.

Social interest, not product(ion);

after last one—gotta watch, tears

flooding, metaphorical horror.


Stressed post Sacred Heart,

Hours to teach, will I get enough?

Turn to advice—mom, an idea;

Harrisonburg—change needed.

Now plan for the summer,

Assist there—possible with her,

From me, working with people

From:Africa, Asia, America;

Europe too-a skill, aiding US.


I read—and can’t hide;

I am lustful, too much pride.

So many failures, flaws shame,

past self—present; here  blame

incorrect acts, thoughts, belief.

Lost-long, aimless, desirin’ relief,

from pain, avoided each day of life.

Hopeless, w/ fear, I walked in strife

Address the mess, presently, of me

Open eyes n mind-look forward to be


With six weeks left, the many memories

in Richmond flash through my mind; ups-

downs, laughs-cries, worries become dreams,

fears evaporate into thin air. Lessons, introductions,

and changes; Richmond provided a plenty. Each

semester, year stands alone—like chapters

completing a book; written for me—I can’t make

this up, the man/boy—Individual that arrived here,

years ago—three; has grown.



A year ago, on this day—I was in the south of Italy.

Sicily—arguably non-Italian; Siracusa to be precise.

Senza vision, pieno di uncertainty—A year later,

Oggi—some aspects remain, I can see afar Yet a sense

of uncertainty looms—I’m familiar here, the sound of

rushing rapids; Sun in my face, the feeling of death surrounds

—Monroe not far; but not for long change will come. Infatti it must

come—a casa; comfort the same, fall back into vices; must escape—

New environment, company (self), n mentalita. Focus toward not papers

grades, work, friends; Me—that’s the one constant between the three:

Last April, this, and the next: Me—Accumulate living property,

Detach outer—strengthen within, Moments like these, what we need.

Reflect, question; for growth— Advance forward in due time,

For now—practice Solitude.


Spur of moment to NC—

Again, the spontaneity

Not natural for me.

Foreigners, see-think differently.

Get some rest—wake at three,

Interest large—colonial history.

Home to Harriet Jacobs—come see,

Photogenic town despite rainy—

Solo walk streets—oh this-that tree

Plantation style homes—pageantry,

Along the sound—sweet memory.

For some, others—truth remedy.


These many flaws are clear,

Each day trying break them down.

But I must admit, times when I

Seem to accept failure, led by fear

Or boredom, worry takes over and

I escape, not far away from the light

But removed enough to feel, know

That I have left the path that’s been

been so graciously paved for me.


unwilling to participate, preferring my own;

neglect my duties in school; enter a state

of stress—procrastination till the end.

Reminiscent of my past, irritation sets

in with myself—in reflection, I come

to terms. Some of these, assignments

I reject. What’s the point? The question

looms over these last nine years. What

good? Same question, but different me.

Past; 2K-smoke, see a girl. Now, the growth

takes precedence; these works, to process

are what interest me—require my time;

meanwhile, school. Some aims,

assignments, subjects are…


A loud noise—startles irritates me

—I see the phone shows midnight, ignore,

sure that the birthday boy has returned.

Again, awoken to yells from John; hurry—

cries of desperation. Rushing out the

room, its an hour later: concerns are

met downstairs; turns out that noise—

was three guys, I’m told, knocking then

through the back door. Glass shattered

across the floor, careful now—seems

everyone is okay, our door is not. His not

either, they came with motive—is what

the cops will see, coming for items

roommate boasts; his business—not ours,

yet; here we are—Alex and I, heard

but remained in; imagine if our curiosities

led us out—different story then. Now,

the cops to discover the scene—I take

leave to room, get some sleep—ignore this.

Open your eyes; beware vices, properties;

taken so easily. I ponder, what of my room:

worn out shoes, laptop-its yours, trail mix–

Y’all hungry? perhaps photos I can show;

this case ensures; they came, saw n left.

Goods-value, switches hands;

wealth within, remains.


In court—eight years ago,

reckless drivin, an underage;

useless to appeal, I plead guilty.

Here feel caged in, not physically

but in mind—of worry and fear;

this charge, criminal somehow

will prevent me from dreams—

South Korea, Asia, the future:

I desire, map out, all too often.

Now, I come to difficult terms;

Update, a potential obstacle,

has consumed Me-who claims

faith, Amor Fati; the Present to

find peace and reside; read

words immortal-Be Here Now.


High school, ESL students;

surprised us all we’d say—

their English is good, accent

unwarranted-but try. Globe

showed out, seven panelist

in all, I’m alone the lone male

the representation, indicative

of Globe; more importantly look

–them, then us; we (they) speak

to them; first generation, immigrants,

foreign language speakers, perhaps

a student, International Speak of

Globe, school, all; concerns: cost

and debt, explain. Then, icebreaker

with yarn, connections. Eat then tour,

memorable in all; inspiring, why we do

it. Despite rain, sun shines for them, Us.


With seven of us, rented a car;

and picked up Yeol; spent nine

days, in Mexico and Cuba; his

stories; culture, solitude, adventure,

music to the ears. Again in a Path—

finder; Ali—excited, at seven we left

road to Dayton n the Valley; time

for Dinner, one rule say. Korean,

Filipino, Arabic; music to the ears.

English a non start; who ‘translates’

in a straight face t table, family n

friends; talk of yards and shed(s),

Mitchell’s; stories, guitars filled the

room with music. Early to rise, five;

then the unthinkable, wake em;

found Reddish Knob; without sight,

fog overtook, graffiti, overlook;

dancing round, in our own music.



Plate is full, worries each

day fill the mind, attention

turned to whats left undone;

trip prep, Graduation, final

—presentation, for both HA

n B.A. Pass we hope, succeed

in all; here now, yet look to future;

now unclear, worry. Study Nietzsche,

Buddha; Geniuses of two gens.

a connection, a path toward greatness.

Life full of purpose, full in thought—

Here, or far, one job—inquire, seek;

face truth…full of Gratitude.


In face of aggression, hatred, outrage, find one-

self, calma—il modo, the only way; admit im-

perfections, flaws a-plenty, assist if I may, correct—not

jack, dumb*** they call me, branded to fail you say,

falling ever day! I know with confidence, failure; and you?

Gratitude continues, see, takes energy—to be angry;

Tired I am, not for all that. With an ear full, give me fuel.

Cherish times, neither’d say. Yet, exchange came,

add to me, thanks for that. And you a gasket? Sorry?



Using SureId at the UPS

I found the process to be—

challenging, irritating; it was

try after try, the final—right

pinkie took too long, but finally.

Then that evening I received my

answer. Knowing is the way, then

response, clear record—FBI says,

relief for me, now look forward…


We meet, lucky to say—

weather great; the chance

to walk the park, talk

of life, past—present,

our near future. Connect

immersed among towers,

Pines, Oak—here for years.

Peace; our interests—back

to city, enjoy the sun;

remove solitude, join fray—

Scott’s Addition, breweries

interact, intoxication consumes.

Surrounded by all, yet—

separated, not by location

—conversation, we see this,

Siamo diversi! Think-talk of

to come, candidates, ideas.

Dr. Rao

Let us not forget that

the college is a business,

in addition, as the university

system was intertwined and

invested in the continuation

of Slavery, enslavement of

Americans—for immense profits,

creed of our education. Now,

unable to dismiss the suppressed

Truth, our university system; country

has adapted since our Civil war, better

fit—present; to the President—DJ or

Michael Rao. Profiting, as tuition rises,

along with the workload of our professors,

instructors, one person—or the one percent

profits. To wealthy landowners of the past,

to our present—a President unwilling to show

Taxes, another, in tenure doubled his income,

to eight hundred thousand—a year, they say.

To success, owe our struggles, pay future loans

—present debt overcomes education; he oversees with a smile.


another church, another class

yet was different, the students—

intermediate. Jorge e Jackie,

both from south, stories told–

in-depth, of culture, to past,

change—we do


I must be, of myself

and of my surroundin.

Why I write this here,

and hold these thoughts—

for our betterment. I do

my best not to allow the

speech around me to take

hold and sink in, People—

Americans, stop with um,

and like; Demand More.


Day certainly was;

class, writings-much to be done.

To work (Henderson), career fair;

prep the scholars. Memories

from Oct., with Malik; reconnecting.

Off to the West End, church is near,

full of pursuit, mine and theirs, practice

we do; teach and learn. Continue

to Grace, been a week; movies I’m not for,

him as well, in minority we sit, Amer and I;

talk of life. In Syria and Lebanon too, stories true–ly

wild to me. Speak mine, search is he; mine

not so long ago, me-twenty six; times

alone to digest, never suppress, continue

on till late night, an addition—Leila is.



Leave at 8 in the morn,

to SLA; intro for Amer.

Noon, lunch time; add

two, swipes. Ridiculous,

the system here, ‘premium

dessert’ for a swipe, sushi

too, add entrance—there

goes thirty dollars down

the drain, funneling to school

for what? VCU. Perhaps, on

par with our song of the day,

Labyrinth by Byungki Hwang;

listen! Play, watch and see for—

reactions, strange as can be;

Korean music—said to three

not knowin them to be;

didn’t go well—Yeol hurry

tell em. Day spent explorin;

first Bryan park, trees, green,

water, ball n frisbee; camaraderie.

Then to land of donuts, went nuts

for two dozen for price of one,

children we were (are). Rest, not me

keep explorin, study up, Street food;

Seoul, Chiayi, Yeol explains. For me

—Giddy, change—dramatic it will be.

Different world, it seems. Continue on

to game loved for us two, Dodgeball;

oh their love! Played by students round

the world, us at gym, competing, seriously.

To Grace—TV; Philippines!


Only fitting this venture to be my most difficult—

of time here in three; three men, three days—

to start to end: Lenin writes,

Sakharov sixtyeight, 

Gorbachev, Perestroika.

Waited too long, now I wait to know

do I pass, my thoughts-

half of grade. Is it good?

Is it clear? a Rejected Experiment.


Disgraceful, told 15 n no more,

a month ago, two weeks–before

time to walk, now have six.

No, wait up—I needa fix,

to problem you’ve done

do somethin-increase fund,

no needa tell fam

nah stay home, lied–dam!


Life is short n precious,

be thankful for our time

n the opportunity to try

again; the sun comes up.

To learn, to love, to live

with nerves of excitement,

this is it—new experiences,

be open and fearless—

cuz for many it doesn’t exist,

we make it—but to the angry

bitter, and drunk—Pity, if I

had the time, but Life—each

should be utilized to the fullest,

best of our abilities. Growth;

advance and overcome, yet,

some, they’ll sit, cry, and curse—

drink it away. I say that ain’t livin

—imagine, on own accord being…


Final day—our last time together,

the Literacy academy has given much.

We cut out skeletons for Cinco de Mayo,

colored and read. Played outside a bit—

before there was trouble—bug spray no.

Memories of Lemmy, Luis, and Anaiya.


A day’s plannin to Carolina,

wanted Georgia—not with a day.

Settle for the Research, or

Tobacco road: Chapel Hill,

Durham, then Raleigh—drove

around. One campus an upgrade

to VCU, other—no contest; Duke’s

immaculate, perfect; three blown away.

BBQ for two; the capital—a larger RVA.

Car conversations, breaking pork—

choices to come; Military forced upon—

consuming; I can’t relate—needn’t to,

ridiculous it is; contemplates service,

twenty months. Two travelers; another tired,

talk philosophy, French; how can that be,

what is Asian, box we make, a look,

diversity we represent, at VCU needa

go beyond, represent people, simple.



Time is comin to an end,

goodbye today. Tomorrow—

birthday, Friday celebration,

cap n gown, $60 sad to say,

cherish the many moments—

grown in duration, class over

—present heavy can weigh

on mind, whatever afterward,

next is creation from this; city,

friends, school, work—end in May.



Unable to Be Here Now,

escape necessary, to

Hollywood, the physical

making of thoughts. Sun

shines, cloud follows,

rapids run-birds chirp,

Ground silent, but speaks

volumes. Mind swirling some-

where between past, present, future;

unclear, a necessity, but speculate,

anticipate un-known, unexpected.

Nerves, institute self to be; ten in

theory, to utilize in environment—drastic

different, as necessary, for fulfillment, completion-

each day; read(1) and write(2), meditate(3)

to nothing—bring to one, none; back to here

walk about(4), alone, meet, explore—never alone,

fix—heart rate up, exercise(5) each day; bring body

to existence. Each week: external source,

people like me; interact, associate family(6)

to be, use gifts of above, connect surroundings,

natura—la via; find weekly detach from all,

go above, quiet necessary, peace in due aspetti;

explore(7), relaxation(8), escape societal norms,

distractions; removers of me. Assistance is key;

know oneself—learn society; resist temptation,

discipline efforts, remove lust by lowering gaze(9),

out of sight…never out of mind; drinking never join (10)


At last we’ve come to this,

sitting here in the robe

a fashion statement I’m told.

Fam-eleven in the back,

cheering, waiting for a name

in the last row. Pictures

a plenty during ceremony,

lasted about two hours;

Francos restaurant, family

Came together, meet o

reunite over years, to see,

how different our family.

Straddling several worlds,

immediate-two sides;

Mom’s family, then Dad, J,

Nonna n Tracy; both mine.

Worlds collide, yet failed

in responsibilities, desires

to return to friends, before

some return tomorrow to

Beirut. Yesterday—we

shopped, played at a park;

at the gym climbed the wall,

funny—three years, hours

before grad—shakin up high.

Nother day-be traveling

to New York, crazy. Straddling

worlds, SLA-HA-VCU done,

WGN—soon, RVA. Then–

I go to Europe, poi Europe

comes to me; two weeks

of travel are in store,

yet–can’t think—do now,

grateful but worthy?